hi my readers,

i am so sorry i haven't updated in a super long time. School has been so crazy! I am currently on winter break so hopefully (no promises) i will update some more. since i haven't been on in a long time i thought i would show you a little bit of what has been happening in my life.

first thing...

for christmas my main present was an ipod touch 5g
screenshot from http://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/
with that new ipod touch (i got the blue one) i started an instagram and the one word to discribe ig is ADDICTING lol :P but seriously i love it my instagram is @annikamae27 if you have an instagram leave your username in the comments below.

I'm also in love with the album Believe by Justin Bieber. I know it came out a while ago but i still love it.

I'm also in love with One Direction's sophmore album Take Me Home. If you didn't know already i am a huge directioner. On my pinterest board verified directioner i have almost 2000 pins. they're kind of my obssession now.
ok so i love this online store called Freshtops. The have the cutest clothes ever. they are currently out of stock until everyones orders are shipped but once they are back in stock i am buying something. i will most likely buy the Amazayn, Phenomeniall, Fabulouis, Extraordinharry, Brilliam freshtops crew neck sweater, i love sleep crop top, or food is my bestfriend crop top. Find it at http://fresh-tops.com/

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